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Knightsbridge Guide

At Central London Apartments, we specialise in providing luxury serviced apartments in Knightsbridge. Luxury can often be a word that is overused and not fulfilled when it comes to serviced accommodation in London. 

We, on the other hand, understand the importance of catering to your needs and hand-pick our serviced apartments in Knightsbridge to match these standards. Being based in London, we also have great knowledge of which areas would be best suited to you and any specific requirements your enquiry may have.

Why choose our luxury serviced apartments in Knightsbridge?

We do not only have exceptional knowledge of the area of Knightsbridge, but we also have over 20 years of experience in the industry. This has allowed us to grow and we now boast the most extensive portfolio within London. Our personalised approach to finding serviced accommodation in London is simply the best in the business. With a selection of bedrooms, all of our Knightsbridge serviced apartments in London have fully-equipped kitchens. It is absolutely imperative that luxury apartments come with plenty of space. If you do not have space to fully relax and enjoy your wonderfully surroundings in Knightsbridge, you simply aren’t experiencing London in a luxury fashion.

What is a luxury serviced apartment?

Often described as being similar to staying in a hotel, luxury serviced apartments in Knightsbridge offer the best option for staying in London. With the ability to be able to cook in your own space, partnered with daily or weekly housekeeping, our serviced apartments in Knightsbridge evoke an incredibly homely feel.

Enhancing this ‘homely feel’ is the inclusion of a fully equipped kitchen. Knightsbridge is known as one of the classiest and affluent districts of London and this certainly transcends into many of our properties spacious and stylish kitchens. This is just one of the many areas that our luxury serviced apartments in Knightsbridge differentiate themselves from hotels.

Neighbouring the gorgeous kitchens in our serviced apartments in Knightsbridge are well-sized living areas and wonderfully decorated bedrooms. With space becoming an increasingly luxurious feature of all properties in London, this is one area in which we focus heavily on to supply to our clients. Some of our luxuries serviced apartments in Knightsbridge even come with an outside terrace area, perfect for an early morning coffee or a late-night drink.

With this in mind, we also have apartments in Knightsbridge which can cater to all sorts of group sizes. Travelling to London on a family trip? Or maybe you’re planning on embarking on a romantic trip to London for two? Our serviced apartments in Knightsbridge are perfect for any stay.

What are the benefits of luxury serviced apartments in Knightsbridge?

One of the key benefits of staying in one of our luxuries serviced apartments in Knightsbridge is our customer service, from when we receive the enquiry to handing your keys back over to the apartment provider, is second to none. This involves a thorough understanding of what you would like from your stay in Knightsbridge to regular check-ups through your visit, to ensure that our service is up to your standards.

One area in which Knightsbridge excels in more than most other London districts is that the district already brings a very luxurious aura to your stay with Central London Apartments. With a plethora of high-end fashion boutiques, restaurants and bars, Knightsbridge is well known for its grand nature. This is an excellent reason as to why, as a luxury serviced apartment provider, we should have a great range of apartments in this area.

If you are someone who is used to a lavish lifestyle, our apartments can offer many services which help achieve this whilst on a trip away. With some of our apartments being part of dedicated residential buildings, you can have access to on-site features such as fitness centre, swimming pools, spas and personal shoppers. This is something that we like to try and achieve in all of our luxury serviced apartments in Knightsbridge.

Knightsbridge is an area which is also surrounded by several other luxury districts. Neighbouring districts include South Kensington, Belgravia and Chelsea, all of which inhabit similar high-end facilities to that of Knightsbridge. Therefore, staying in this area of London simply enhances the lavishness of staying in a luxury serviced apartment in Knightsbridge.

Guide to Knightsbridge


The easiest way to commute to the centre of Knightsbridge is on the Piccadilly line. This will drop you off just next to Hyde Park and make the rest of Knightsbridge extremely accessible. If the Piccadilly line is not accessible, then there are plenty of taxis that will be able to take you to any of our luxury serviced apartments in Knightsbridge. There are also several bus routes that pass through Knightsbridge.


Knightsbridge is well known for its wide collection of art galleries and live music venues. Art galleries such as Walton Fine Arts, Mathaf Gallery and Gladwell & Patterson all specialise in different periods of art. There are some brilliant jazz performances at The Wellesley Hotel on Fridays and Saturdays, which can be watched whilst enjoying a lovely sit down meal.


Knightsbridge is known for its collection of high-end bars and clubs. A few that are worthy of a mention are Mandarin, Dolce Club and Eclipse. In the surrounding districts such as ChelseaSouth Kensington and Belgravia, there are also plenty of other cocktail bars and late-night bars that play music until the early hours of the morning.


Knightsbridge is famed for its shopping. Located in the heart of Knightsbridge is one of London’s most luxurious department stores, Harrods. This means that during the weekends, this district is one of the busiest in London. Added to this, you will also find a multitude of designer stores such as Gucci, Prada, Burberry and Harvey Nichols.

Food & Drink

If you are looking for an Asian inspired menu, Patara Thai, Chai Wu or Al Basha all offer different Asian cuisines and have rave reviews too. If you would prefer a more European themed meal, then Italian options such as Sale E Pepe or Montpeliano, or French options such as Bar Boulud, are again all top places.