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National Portrait Gallery

Often referred to as the NPG, this historic art gallery can be found in the very centre of London overlooking Trafalgar Square. With everything from classical works of art to contemporary photography exhibitions, the gallery’s primary collection is known to contain more than 11,000 portraits.

While the main collection is always worth checking out, the gallery also hosts supplementary exhibitions, insightful displays and an array of talks, events and workshops.

It’s near impossible to take in everything that the gallery has to offer in one visit. However, with each visit, you can make the most of a brilliant restaurant and a unique on-site art shop.

Facts About The National Portrait Gallery...

  • The gallery’s first acquired portrait was the historic painting of William Shakespeare. Painted by John Taylor in the 1600s, the portrait was given to the gallery in 1856.
  • The earliest painted portrait in the collection is a portrait of King Henry VII. This iconic piece was painted by an unknown Dutch artist in 1505.
  • In 1969, the gallery permitted the acquisition of portraits of living figures for the first time.
  • The gallery’s contemporary section houses portraits of a range of iconic individuals such as Princess Diana and Alan Rickman.

National Portrait Gallery

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