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Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament

Located within London’s famed Westminster area, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are not only two of the city’s most iconic landmarks, but two of the country’s most prestigious attractions also. Big Ben – Westminster’s colossal clock tower – is a staple of British culture and is regularly sought out by tourists, sightseers and holidaymakers. The Grade I-listed clock tower has stood for over 150 years and has inspired the imagination of many over the years. The Houses of Parliament, or the Palace of Westminster, is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords and is famed for its Gothic architecture and soaring spires.

Facts About Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament...
  • Big Ben actually refers to the bell rather than the clock tower in which the bell is situated inside.
  • The Houses of Parliament accommodate a pub, gym, post office and hair salon.
  • Big Ben was allegedly named in honour of the Commissioner of Works, Benjamin Hall, a man known for his large frame.
  • It is illegal to die within the houses of Parliament.
  • The bell is just over seven feet tall and weighs over 13 tonnes.
  • The underground halls of the House of Lords Chamber are still checked every Bonfire night just in case anyone is plotting to blow up the Palace of Westminster.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the Palace of Westminster, but there are stashes of snuff available for those in desperate need. 
Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament

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