Where is London?

Where is London?

Where is London?

Picture this... an alien asking for directions to London at an intergalactic petrol station. So where exactly is London?

It's fairly straight forward, you just need to take the Milky Way highway to Earth. Calculate atmosphere entering for above continental Europe. Then turn a little north to the United Kingdom; aim for the island of Great Britain; zoom into the country of England and bear right to southeast England until you find Greater London - mind the spaceship landing queue of Blackhole-25 (also known as the M25) and when you see the concrete and glass rubik cubes, you have landed on your destination.

Far-fetched as that might seem, be it London or another city around the world, sometimes you can indeed feel like an alien landing on a different planet when trying to get the bearings of your city break destination. Fear not earthlings. Answer your where is London question we will.


Where is London

So where is London, exactly?

London on the globe…

  • London sits right on top of the Greenwich Meridian, one of the many invisible lines cutting the Earth from north to south, top to bottom. The Greenwich line is also known as the Prime Meridian and serves as a reference to calculate the time around the world. This means London clocks usually follow GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or +0 hours.
  • London is located to the north of the Equator latitude line – the invisible line cutting the Earth from west to east, left to right, which places it within the northern hemisphere of the globe. This gives it its temperate climate.

London is in Europe

  • London is a city in the country of England. England is one of three countries located in the island of Great Britain. In its turn, Great Britain is part of the sovereign state of the United Kingdom, which includes Northern Island and is part of the continent of Europe.
  • The UK is considered to be part of Western Europe and London is one of the capitals of Europe, together with others such as Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Rome to name but a few.
  • Because of its continental location, London is very accessible and can be reached within a few hours flight from most destinations around the globe:
Athens, Greece – 4 hours Beijing, China – 11.5 hours Berlin, Germany – 2 hours Buenos Aires, Argentina – 11 hours Cape Town, South Africa – 12 hours Cairo, Egypt – 5.5 hours Hong Kong, China – 13 hours Istanbul, Turkey – 4 hours Lagos, Nigeria – 6.5 hours Lisbon, Portugal – 2.5 hours Los Angeles, USA – 10.5 hours Madrid, Spain – 2.5 hours Mexico City, Mexico – 10 hours Miami, USA – 8.5 hours
Montreal, Canada – 6.5 hours Moscow, Russia – 4 hours New Delhi, India – 9.5 hours New York, USA – 7 hours Paris, France – 1.5 hours Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 11.5 hours Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 7 hours Rome, Italy – 2.5 hours Seattle, USA – 9.5 hours Singapore, Southeast Asia - 13 hours Sydney, Australia – 25.5 hours Tokyo, Japan – 12.5 hours Toronto, Canada – 8.5 hours Vancouver, Canada – 9.5 hours










London is in England

  • London is the capital of England.
  • It’s also the capital of the United Kingdom, a sovereign state including the island of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland).
  • London is located on the banks of the River Thames in southeast England, the southernmost country in the UK.
  • It is the largest city in both England and the whole of the United Kingdom.
  • London is an inland city, located about 48 miles from the North Sea to the east and 67 miles from the English Channel to the south.

London is a metropolitan area as well as a city

  • London sits inside the Greater London Metropolitan area. And it’s encircled by the M25 motorway, also known as The London Orbital.
  • There are 32 boroughs (areas) inside Greater London plus The City of London itself.
  • The City of London is where the original Londonium settlement was based during Roman times and the Middle Ages. It is today the financial centre of London, a small part of the city centre and the pip inside Greater London’s if it was an orange.
  • London is serviced by five airports. One inside Greater London – City Airport; one inside the M25 Orbital – Heathrow Airport, the biggest and most important of all five; and three just outside of the city itself, but within easy access – Luton, Gatwick and Stansted airports.
  • It also sits at the centre of a web of motorways with the orbital M25 having junctions to nine other major motorways in the country

So here we are, hopefully the coordinates above should lead you straight to us. Safe landing and we look forwards to seeing you very soon!


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