What makes a Central London Apartment? How we handpick only the best luxury apartments.

What makes a Central London Apartment? How we handpick only the best luxury apartments.

What makes a Central London Apartment? How we handpick only the best luxury apartments.

As the most exclusive and extensive provider of luxury serviced apartments in London, there is a huge amount of research and hard work that goes into handpicking our central London apartments. Ranging from the opulence of the interiors to the optimal amount of privacy you receive during your stay, our showcased apartments go through a rigorous check to make sure they comply with our strict and specific standards. Here, we will be explaining the main factors behind our decisions to exhibit the luxury serviced apartments we do.


When staying in any form of high-end accommodation, the first thing you expect is decadent interiors, combined with a plethora of stunning furnishings. When looking for potential properties, we always want our breath to be taken away when we first take a look. We feel if this happens, considering we are accustomed to viewing luxury serviced apartments, it will have an amplified effect with our customer.

Luxury interior at Penthouse Kew Eye apartments near Richmond
Decadent furnishings and ornaments line our wide selection of luxury serviced apartments

At Central London Apartments, we expect the very best from our partners. This means that if an apartment goes the extra mile by providing king-size beds, roomy slipper baths and in some cases a gorgeous fireplace and mantle, we are more likely to add this to our portfolio. If the apartment is part of a dedicated luxury serviced apartment facility, then we also look for a grand exterior and entrance into the vicinity of the property. Click here, for some of the best ‘Luxury London Apartments with the Most Interesting Interiors'.


One of the key factors that is a crucial part of any decision we make about which luxury serviced apartments we showcase, is location. With almost 20 years of experience in the central London apartment industry, we understand which areas of London are best to accommodate you for an experience full of class and grandeur. With a high concentration of properties in areas such as Mayfair, South Kensington and Westminster, this goes to show that we only pick the best of the best.

Some of our apartments are directly next to landmarks such as Buckingham Palace
The view of Pall Mall from our Buckingham Gate Apartments

If the luxury serviced apartment we are looking at is situated on a street lined with pillared houses, 5-star hotels and top-of-the-range restaurants, then this will be a huge tick next to the property’s name. This is why a large majority of our apartments are based in central and west London where this is much more customary. However, districts such as London Bridge and Tower Hill to the west of The City of London are also some affluent areas where we have central London apartments.


A rare and sought after commodity in all of London, space is a guarantee that comes with any of our luxuries serviced apartments. With the need for domestic space ever increasing in the UK’s capital, when we look around a potential apartment for our portfolio, if we feel a sense of confinement or if there is not enough room to manoeuvre around the kitchen, then we will veto the apartment. If you browse through the apartments showcased on our website, you will see how much of an important factor space is to us.

All of our apartments have spacious living areas and fully equipped kitchens
The open plan living area at 27 Cheval Place in Knightsbridge

One of the reasons why space is imperative when looking at a luxurious central London apartment is because it allows for a calm and comfortable stay. When you combine space with the opulent furnishings and ornaments of our apartments, it evokes a huge sense of luxury. This is perfect for any special occasion or if you are accustomed to being accommodated in style.


When you pay for luxury, the last thing you expect is to be disturbed by noisy neighbours or the constant hum of London’s traffic. This is why when handpicking our apartments, we carefully survey both the inside and outside of the apartment, seeing if there could be a source for any inconvenience. One of the reasons we have such a loyal customer base and high customer retention rate is due to the amount of privacy our customers receive in all of our apartments.

Privacy is a key theme throughout our portfolio of luxury serviced apartments
Your very own private patio outside a wonderful master bedroom at Weymouth Mews Apartments

One of the reasons we have been at the forefront of the luxury serviced apartment industry in London for so long is due to the fact that we understand what defines splendour. Many that travel to London want to enjoy their own tailored trip of the city. Our apartments can help achieve this, and will often fulfil unique requests in a seamless and professional manner.

Customer Service

Here at Central London Apartments, we pride ourselves on our personal, diligent and compassionate customer service we offer. This is why when we are deciding whether or not to add an apartment to our portfolio, we always pay attention to the customer service guests receive. This can range from front desk reception to the standard of housekeeping.

All our property partners provide first class customer service
Customer service is part of the experience when staying in one of our luxury serviced apartments

We ensure that every single one of our apartments has a quality team in place to accommodate all of your needs. When you stay in a luxury serviced apartment, you expect the best of the best. All of our property partners adhere to strict terms and conditions and with this comes a brilliant relationship. This means that we can ensure our partners are fully up to the job when it comes to serving first-class accommodation.

Extra Facilities

One way in which luxury serviced apartments really go the extra mile is by providing extra facilities such as on-site fitness centres, spas and swimming pools. This can really be the cherry on top when it comes to handpicking a central London apartment. When evaluating whether or not a property should be a part of our portfolio, we always have the consumer in mind and extra facilities are often seen as quality add on.

Swimming pools are a common addition to many of our luxury apartments
Town Hall Apartments has some of the best extra facilities within our extensive selection of central London apartments

Another attribute that can be considered as an add-on to any of our central London apartments is some of the views that they have. Whether the view is over the River Thames from one of our riverside apartments, or of key London landmarks such as Buckingham Palace or Hyde Park, this is always in our mind when choosing an apartment. For more information on our apartments with views, head over to ‘4 London Apartments with the Most Amazing Views’.

Now that you know all the specific criteria that go into handpicking a Central London Apartment, you may want to delve into our substantial portfolio of luxury accommodation. If you have an enquiry about a future date, click here.

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