Unmissable Covent Garden Attractions: 12 places you have to visit

Unmissable Covent Garden Attractions: 12 places you have to visit

Unmissable Covent Garden Attractions: 12 places you have to visit

Covent Garden - a place you have undoubtedly heard of. With over 44 million visitors a year, it is one of the most popular destinations in the world. But how much of Covent Garden do we truly see when passing through its myriad winding passageways? Beyond the street art, food markets and theatres, there is, even more, to see and do in this desirable London district.

Covent Garden Attractions

1. Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard in Covent Garden
The world of colour that is Neal's Yard

One of the best ways to truly enjoy the Covent Garden area is by getting lost in its labyrinthine streets filled with secret passages and hidden gems.

Within this maze, you may stumble across Neal’s Yard. Imagine that paint has rained down onto a selection of building and rooftops and you will come close to picturing the cacophony of vibrant colours Neal’s Yard is famous for. Full of unique boutiques and cafes, Neal’s Yard is an unforgettable place to shop for special gifts for your loved ones.

2. Covent Garden's Floral Court

Sunset in Covent Garden
The Covent Garden district is beautiful all year round

With some of the best restaurants in the district, it’s difficult to pass by the Floral Court without being drawn in by the enticing aroma of fresh food, and it’s even harder to resist the urge to indulge in it. This serene area is known as one of the prettiest eating spots in Covent Garden. With a courtyard filled with fresh blooming plants and surrounded by crisp white walls, it’s easy to forget this oasis is situated in the bustling capital.

For an exclusive dining experience you won’t find anywhere else, Floral Court should be at the top of your list. A culinary dream awaits you, with mouth-watering dishes reflecting cuisine from the Mediterranean and beyond. With pre-show menus available, booking a table ahead of time is beneficial and will allow for your evening out to the theatre to flow nicely.

3. Broad Court

K2 telephone boxes in Covent Garden
The classically delightful British symbol

Broad Court is home to many examples of iconic London memorabilia. The K2 Telephone Boxes provide an ideal opportunity for taking many quintessential London photographs. Not only is Broad Court home to these distinctive telephone boxes, but it is also the residence of a famous and oft-visited statue. Sitting opposite the Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet School, the evocative ‘Young Dancer’ sculpture represents a young ballet dancer’s hopes and dreams.  

4. Cecil Court

Shopping in Cecil Court
Shop till you drop in Cecil Court

The ultimate destination for book lovers, the historic Cecil Court is filled with purveyors of antiques, books and art. Known as the Secret Alley of Covent Garden, take a walk back in time down these beautiful streets. With shop fronts that haven’t changed in over a century, this little piece of history really is full of hidden gems to discover. The anachronistic street was even home to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart while he was touring Europe at just eight years old. You can easily explore this street by turning off the Jubilee Walk while enjoying a sightseeing stroll.

Covent Garden entertainment

The lion King musical at Lyceum Theatre
A night like no other at the Lyceum Theatre

5. Leicester Square

Leicester Square is the epitome of theatrical splendour. With a vast selection of musicals and plays running all year round, you’re guaranteed an outstanding show no matter the season. The Prince of Wales Theatre is renowned in the area for holding a multitude of breath-taking shows, such as the hilarious comedy The Book of Mormon.  

6. Lyceum Theatre

Making a stroll in the opposite direction through Covent Garden will bring you to the Lyceum Theatre, currently showing the legendary show The Lion King. Dating back to 1765, the theatre is full of history and life. With countless fantastic performances over the years, this really is a gem of Covent Garden.

7. The Royal Opera House

For a beautiful night in London that will have lasting memories, The Royal Opera House is the theatre to attend. With laughter, joy, sorrow and devastation, a night at the opera is where all your emotions are experienced to the fullest. With so many excellent theatres in the vicinity, you will never be short of heart-stopping spectacles in Covent Garden.

8. The London Transport Museum

As one of the main attractions in Covent Garden, The Transport Museum is a must-see on your Covent Garden bucket list. Originally a flower market designed in 1871 by William Rogers, it was a century later in 1971 that it became The Transport Museum, which had over 300,000 visitors alone in 2018. With tickets free for children under 17 and general tickets free if you have a London pass, this really is a marvellous place to visit in Covent Garden.

Covent Garden food and drink

Restaurant in Covent Garden
The best cuisine around Covent Garden

Being so densely populated with unique venues, it’s not surprising that Covent Garden offers some of the best cuisines in London, some of which happens to be prepared within the most photogenic pubs around the city.

9. The Porcupine Pub

The Porcupine pub, Covent Garden
The Porcupine pub - an extensive collection of traditional ales and hearty pub food

The Porcupine pub is one that all locals would recommend. With an extensive collection of traditional ales and hearty pub food, your classic British evening starts here. Blending the traditional with the technological, you can even download the pub’s app and have your food brought directly to your table! Renowned for its beautifully rustic building and delightful staff on hand, this really is a British -hidden in Covent Garden. Make sure to try out the famous pies while you’re there, you can trust us when we say they’re to ‘pie’ for!

10. The Cross Keys

The Cross Keys pub enter, Covent Garden
Probably, the smallest pub in Covent Garden

The Cross Keys is possibly the smallest pub in Covent Garden but offers the warmest of welcomes at the door. Famously known amongst the regulars for its divine Sunday dinners, the Cross Keys roast is one of the best-kept secrets in all of Covent Garden.

For a full London experience, The Cross Keys hits all the marks. From the classically British menus to the well-priced drinks and friendly staff, a visit to The Cross Keys should be on your Covent Garden bucket list. Well worth a visit for the atmosphere alone, The Cross Keys is a local best-kept secret! So let’s just keep it between us…

11. Mr. Fogg's Gin Tavern

Mr Fogg’s gin tavern entrance, Covent Garden
Mr Fogg’s gin tavern is a trendy venue for all to enjoy

A trendy venue for all to enjoy, Mr. Fogg’s gin tavern offers unique cocktails creations which promise an experience like no other. Mr. Fogg’s tavern carries the ethos into its opulent and dazzling décor. With quick and convent access to Leicester Square too, a cocktail (or two) before heading to the theatre is an evening well spent in Mr. Fogg’s.  

12. Lamb and Flag

Lamb and Flag - known as one of the oldest pubs in Covent Garden

As one of the oldest buildings in Covent Garden, the Lamb and Flag pub is a grade ll listed building. Continuing a sense of Britishness, the Lamb and Flag was frequented by none other than Charles Dickens! As a truly traditional Georgian pub, the drinks and food reflect the years that surround this place One of the best places to eat in Covent Garden, your day will be complete after eating at the Lamb and Flag.

Renowned as the oldest square in London, Covent Garden is rightly considered a top spot to shop, eat, drink and enjoy the London lifestyle. With many of our luxurious apartments located in and around the centre, you won’t have to miss out on any of these choice destinations. If you happen to stop by any of these hidden gems around the centre be sure to let us know and share your pictures with us on Instagram!

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