The London Underground Serviced Apartments Map 2016

The London Underground Serviced Apartments Map 2016

The London Underground Serviced Apartments Map 2016

It is no secret that accommodation costs in London can vary dramatically depending on the location, but our latest booking data shows that even a distance of a few metres can make a significant difference in the price you pay per night.

Our clever graphic designers here at Central London Apartments have put together this 'alternative Tube map' which shows the average serviced apartment cost per night depending on the nearest tube station, allowing you to see which areas of London offer the best value for serviced accommodation.

All the figures are taken from the latest Central London Apartments booking data and are calculated using the mean average nightly price over a 12 month period.


Oxford Circus and Warren Street Station are less than a two minute tube ride apart on the Picadilly line but the average nightly rate difference is £258 per night.*

The central stations on the popular Piccadilly and Central lines top the list at the higher end of the scale.  Our data shows Hyde Park Corner in the top spot with an average nightly cost of £517.35.  Next up is the hub and shopping mecca of Oxford Circus with an average price of £383.79 per night. This is then closely followed by Green Park and the home to Harrods - Knightsbridge priced at £359.34 and £358.80 respectively.

The top 10 high end stations:

Hyde Park Corner £517.35
Oxford Circus £383.79
Green Park £359.34
Knightsbridge £358.80
Kilburn Park £322.83
High Street Kensington £284.14
Marylebone £265.20
St James's Park £258.71
Covent Garden £250.16
Sloane Square £247.19

You might expect the nightly price to be cheaper the further out of Central London you go but surprisingly this isn't always the case - There are some great well connected central areas that are at the lower end of the list, perfect if you are travelling on a budget.  These include Kensington (Olympia), Euston and Edgeware Road.

The 10 most budget friendly stations:

Queensway £115.56
Paddington £112.57
Finchley Road £110.35
Edgware Road £100.74
Hatton Cross £98.23
Euston £97.44
Holland Park £91.96
West Hampstead £89.40
Kings Cross St. Pancras £89.00
Kensington Olympia £89.32

Of course it is worth keeping in mind that some of our more luxurious apartments are in the exclusive central areas that top the list, but if you are visiting London on a tight budget it is worth considering that a few minutes extra on the tube could reduce your accommodation costs significantly.

  • All figures are taken from Central London Apartments booking data.  Prices are subject to change but all are correct at time of publication.

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