What is a serviced apartment and why should you book one?

What is a serviced apartment and why should you book one?

What is a serviced apartment and why should you book one?

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment, inclusive of bills and taxes, that you can book for short or long stays. They are called ‘serviced’ because, as well as the physical apartment, guests also benefit from added services like housekeeping, linen changes, reception assistance and sometimes even fitness suites and other luxury services. In short, they offer more perks than self-catering accommodation and are more spacious and private than a hotel.

Why should I book a serviced apartment?

As diverse as all the accommodation types might seem, there are seven things every traveller considers when booking accommodation -

  • location
  • space
  • value for money
  • where to eat and drink
  • privacy
  • flexibility
  • security.

Each type of accommodation offers a combination of a few of these requirements, but serviced apartments offer all seven.

Serviced apartments vs. hotels

Why are serviced apartments better than hotels?

1. Plenty of space

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The main difference between in serviced apartments and hotels is space. In a service apartment, even if you stay in a studio, you will have a lounge and kitchen area as well as the en-suite bedroom you would normally find in a standard hotel room. You can also book an apartment with multiple bedrooms.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Very often one room is not enough, especially if you are travelling as part of a group/family or staying for a longer period of time. With serviced apartments, you can just book an apartment with multiple bedrooms. While the price would increase because these apartments are obviously larger, it would still be more cost-effective than booking multiple rooms or a penthouse in a hotel.

3. The benefits of having a kitchen

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In a hotel, every meal is a meal out and ordering food in can be quite inconvenient as you normally don’t have the facilities to eat it. Serviced apartments come with fully functional kitchen areas which means you can choose when you eat out. For people with strict dietary requirements and families with young night owls, having a kitchen is even more important, so you eat what you want when you want or need it.

4. The home-feel factor

If you are away for a while or need to stay somewhere else rather than home because of an eventuality, staying in a hotel room will soon feel like a tight squeeze and the lack of routine will soon become disruptive to your natural daily rhythm. Having the extra room to watch TV or entertain friends and the facilities to cook and wash your clothes will make your stay feel more like home, as you will be able to keep your regular activities going even while you are away.

5. A home without the chores

Serviced apartments are like living somewhere permanently, minus the cleaning, tidying up and struggling to put the duvet cover on. The housekeeping service is a standard for all apartments, so you can enjoy your holiday home without worrying about the details.

6. Privacy

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In a service apartment, there is no need to share your bedroom with the kids even if they are on a sofa bed. There is no need to worry about the housekeeper coming in when you are sleeping or in the shower. And you don’t need to whisper after bed-time or hide in the toilet to drink a glass of wine when the kids are in bed. You can have as much privacy and space as you would have at home.

7. Security

why book a serviced apartment
Central London Apartments Office

To be part of our property portfolio all properties are checked for quality and visited regularly. We can recommend our apartments because we know them well. And if you need assistance, we are here to clarify any enquiries and accountable if you need to resolve any glitches. You will find our phone number right on our homepage, so you know exactly how to get hold of us.

8. Living like a local

Just like a hotel, you will find serviced apartments in all the central locations, but you will also find them in more residential areas. Staying in an apartment gives you the flexibility to live like a local - shopping the local markets and supermarkets, trying your hand at cooking local dishes, entertaining at home, opening that bottle of wine from that little shop you found around the corner and really experiencing the culture of a destination like a local would.

In short, serviced apartments are not just a more cost-effective, comfortable and spacious alternative to hotels, they are also the best way to experience London to the full. And this is why you should book one next time you are visiting our beautiful capital.

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Have the benefits of serviced apartments changed your view on what type of accommodation you'd like to stay in? Head over to our website for a wide portfolio of luxury serviced apartments. Or, you can make an enquiry here.

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