How The Loss Of Uber Will Affect London Transport [Infographic]

The news that Uber had been stripped of its London licence came as a huge shock to Londoners and has seen a big backlash from commuters, and Uber itself, who are attempting to have the ruling overturned.

In the meantime, how is it going to affect the millions of people who rely on the service to get around?

Uber told us that 3.5 million Londoners have the app downloaded, with more than a million trips booked through the app every week in the capital.

So where will all those users turn to? We’ve looked at how many journeys are made via London’s other public transport services to have a bit of a guess.

Using Uber’s statistic of a million journeys each week, we’ve estimated that there are 52,000,000 journeys a year in London, which accounts for 1.25% of all public transport.

Using this, we worked out how many people would theoretically turn to other forms of transport.

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