London's Most Luxurious Health and Fitness Centres

London's Most Luxurious Health and Fitness Centres

London's Most Luxurious Health and Fitness Centres

It’s no secret that the UK’s gym industry is booming. Londoners are becoming more concerned with their own fitness and new gyms are always popping up across the city. Last year, it was revealed that the industry’s total UK market value was estimated to be around £4.4 billion.

Like any industry that sees a sizeable spike in interest, a host of exclusive, deluxe alternatives often follow suit. Over the last few years, London’s gym industry has been supplemented by a plush array of luxury health and fitness centres. Curious as ever, we thought we’d seek out these high-end hotspots. We give you… London's Most Luxurious Health and Fitness Centres

Gyms in central London

Buzzing with locals and city visitors alike, central London is a lively area with iconic landmarks to be found at every turn. The gyms in central London certainly don’t disappoint.

The Clock in Marylebone is one of the most elegant gyms in central London. Situated within a stunning Victorian townhouse, this fitness club is divided up into a number of extravagantly designed rooms. The main fitness equipment is found in the library, while yoga and boxing classes take place in the music room.

Self-titled “the world’s first high-end boxing gym”, BXR London offers professional-standard training. Overseen by a team of elite trainers and boxing pros such as Anthony Joshua, BXR London is perfect for those chasing fame and stardom.

Another_Space is an equally impressive central London gym in Covent Garden. This high-end health and fitness club provides a range of events, classes and workshops alongside a well-loved smoothie bar.

With branches in Marylebone, Soho and the City, Third Space has conquered London with stunning gym designs, innovative personal training schemes and expert-led classes. Third Space also includes a leading private medical practice and a range of spa treatments.

Gyms in west London

Everyone knows that west London is made up of a huge range of local gyms and health clubs, but there are a few places that take the health and fitness to the next level.

KX is a private members health club in the heart of Chelsea that offers everything from yoga classes to spa therapies. Catering to the district’s young moneyed residents, KX is thought to be one of the best gyms in London.

Another one of the most exclusive gyms in west London is Equinox. With a flagship store in Kensington, this upmarket gym is part of a larger chain that took the US by storm. With a huge range of fitness equipment and luxury spa facilities available, Equinox offers a truly luxurious health and fitness experience.

With branches in both Kensington and Knightsbridge, Core Collective offers some of the best gyms in west London. Core Collective is perfect for those who would rather opt for a pay-as-you-go scheme as opposed to paying one lump sum. These popular fitness clubs additionally feature café and kitchen areas.

Gyms in east London

With gyms in east London and all across the city centre, 1Rebel channels a subversive, dynamic energy into everything it has on offer. With intensive Ride, Rumble and Reshape sessions available, 1Rebel classes are led by a group of talented “master trainers”. 1Rebel also offers an insightful blog that provides tips on keeping fit and staying healthy in and around the capital.

It’s difficult to talk about gyms in east London without mentioning Psycle, a self-proclaimed “premium boutique fitness brand” with branches all across London. Founded around four years ago, the masterminds behind Psycle aim to develop their clients both physically and emotionally. Late in 2018, Psycle opened their newest branch in Clapham.

Another of the best gyms in east London, Barry’s Bootcamp, pushes people to optimise their workout and make the most out of their gym experience. Conceived by LA-based celebrity trainer Barry Jay in the late ‘90s, Barry’s Bootcamp has come a long way since its launch in the A-list hideaway of West Hollywood. With studios now open in places such as Norway, Boston and Miami, it’s safe to say that Barry has made his mark on the global gym industry.

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