London’s Calling: Famous Songs Inspired By and About London

By Anton Constantinou

London is a bit of a cacophony at the best of times: with all the road works, train announcements and planes flying overhead. Somewhere along the way, police sirens and people shouting on smartphones have come to dominate the air. But that’s just city life for you. Not that it’s a bad thing.

As deafening as London can be, it’s provided the inspiration for so many songs down the years, from Ed Sheeran’s The City to Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner by Bud Flanagan. Some artists have sung about its landmarks; others have chosen to focus on the people that live there. Even The Beatles have had something to say about The Big Smoke.

Using the streaming platform, Spotify, we’ve created our very own London playlist for your pleasure. Whether you’re a major music fanatic or simply after a new soundtrack, this compilation is sure to keep your head bopping on your next business trip.

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