How to Bring the Glamour of The Ritz London to your Home

How to Bring the Glamour of The Ritz London to your Home

How to Bring the Glamour of The Ritz London to your Home

The revered city of London is internationally renowned for a whole host of things; as the home of world-class theatre, for streets lined with iconic gothic architecture and landmarks, and a distinctive personality steeped in proud heritage to name but a few. We place high importance on honouring the centuries of service the city is famous for, and London’s top hotels are known for treating guests like no less than royalty. It is the exemplary elements of traditional London hotels that shaped luxury serviced accommodation in the city to be what it is today: the best of both worlds afforded by hotel stays and luxurious private rentals. The Ritz London is a household name across the globe and since opening its doors in 1906 has been an archetypal 5-star London landmark, restaurant, and bar. A Central London Apartment allows you to feel as glamorous as when you visit The Ritz London, with the additional luxury, privacy and flexibility of having an entire apartment to yourself.

Since we are still living through a lockdown in London, many shops, restaurants and bars have had to close their doors; The Ritz London doing so for the first time in its 114 years of business. Many Londoners are missing their favourite afternoon tea, dinner or drinks spot and are searching for homemade ways to get that ritzy feeling once more. As luxury serviced apartment specialists, we are well versed in living glamorously so here we will share secrets of how to feel as opulent as indulging at The Ritz, in your own home.

Don your glad rags

Getting dressed up for a fancy event never gets old
Your smart clothes miss you; dust off your glad rags for a night in at The Ritz

Known for exclusivity, sophistication and glamour, The Ritz London maintains this status with a distinctive dress code. Lockdown in London hasn’t been calling for our best suits and dresses, in fact, we can probably all admit to neglecting even our jeans, but the novelty of ‘comfy clothes’ has more than likely worn off by now.  The feeling of getting dressed up to the nines to attend an important dinner or glitzy event, however, never gets old, so set a date for your night in at The Ritz, dust off your best shoes and dig your glad rags out of your wardrobe. It’s high time we felt the excitement of getting ready for a special occasion again; your living room won’t know what’s hit it.

Fall in love with food again

Nobody is pretending that planning and cooking meals three times a day, every day during lockdown in London has been a simple feat: cooking is becoming laborious, eating is becoming a chore and dining in top restaurants a distant memory. Why not bring the Michelin-starred cuisine of The Ritz London to your home?

Afternoon tea

Treat yourself to some proper afternoon tea like you would at The Ritz
Afternoon tea is never a bad idea; treat yourself to a proper brew infusion

Every good weekend features a spot of afternoon tea and, unlike some of the other meals on The Ritz menu, isn’t hard to recreate in your kitchen. The Palm Court tea room at The Ritz London is treated to the smooth sounds of resident pianist, Ian Gomes, so the first step in recreating a real Ritzy afternoon tea is to select some of his renditions on YouTube or simply a melodious piano playlist on your favourite streaming platform. The Ritz has an impressive selection of teas on its menu, from the classic earl grey and royal breakfast, to the more unique blends of flavour like apple, hibiscus, orange and passion fruit. Whittard of Chelsea has an excellent range of teas to order online to bring the tastes of The Palm Court to your teacup.

As for the food, there really is no time like lockdown in London to perfect the art of proper sandwiches. Favourites at The Ritz London – and a couple of the most simple to replicate – are smoked salmon with lemon butter on sourdough, ham with grain mustard mayonnaise on brioche and a delicious option for vegetarians is the cheddar cheese with chutney on tomato bread. Then if you’re a keen baker, pop on your apron and cook up some scones or alternatively pick out a selection of pastries from your local bakery.

If you really want to opt for the full Ritz effect – we know you do – pour yourself a glass or two of champagne and enjoy an indulgent afternoon.

Create a five-star dining experience

We all enjoy a treat from time to time and a Michelin-starred meal at The Ritz London satisfies that craving nicely, but what about when we are living through lockdown in London? If you happen to be John Williams MBC, the Ritz’s widely regarded head chef, meals during lockdown may resemble the gorgeously unique items on The Ritz Restaurant menus, but the rest of us are starting to wonder aimlessly down aisles of the supermarket not sure what to cook next.

When was the last time you enjoyed a candlelit dinner?
Create an easy Ritz ambience with candles and music

It’s not a case of trying to recreate The Ritz Restaurant favourites in your own kitchen, as if it were that simple The Ritz wouldn’t be as special as it is, it’s more about replicating the famed glamorous dining experience. When was the last time you lit a few candles on the dinner table, played some classical music while you ate, or set the table with your best dinnerware? Dressed in your best evening outfit and eating within the best possible ambience will create your very own homemade Ritz experience in minutes.

Order in

Before lockdown in London, one might think of having a takeaway and be limited to the pizza or fast food menus tucked away near the computer. Now, some of London’s most well-loved restaurants have adapted to the circumstances and begun offering a takeaway dining experience with either ingredients and a recipe for menu favourites or the meals ready to eat. This way, you can truly get the restaurant treatment of some of the city’s favourite establishments without leaving your home.

A posh takeaway satisfies any craving for a Ritz Restaurant dining experience
Many top London restaurants have started offering a home delivery service to satisfy your cravings for a restaurant dining experience

Supper London is the Deliveroo of up-market London restaurants and provides a platform for ordering the finest food online; be warned that a Supper London delivery may become a weekly thing. Artusi is one of Peckham’s finest Italian eateries and is offering their tantalising meals and pantry staples as a home delivery service in the form of fresh pasta, pasta sauces, antipasti and ready-to-eat mains. Benares is a Mayfair curry house offering home delivery of their excellent menu and for every meal you order, they donate one to an NHS frontline worker; as if you needed more reason to enjoy some great food at home. Yes, it may not be five or seven courses of sea bass, beef tournedos, crab, or other fantastical creations at The Ritz Restaurant, but the feeling of top restaurant quality food being delivered as if by a waiter to your door is something special; especially after having been deprived of your favourite restaurants for so many weeks.

Ritzy serviced apartments in London

Montague on the Gardens

Luxury accommodation in London doesn't get much better
Montague on the Gardens are the epitome of luxury serviced accommodation in central London

The epitome of grandeur and class, Montague on the Gardens Apartments are a splendid display of the luxury décor and design of luxury accommodation in London. The sophisticated and quintessentially British interior design makes you feel like royalty and the private entrances to each apartment ensure social distancing and safety should you check-in during lockdown in London.

Arlington House

Arlington House offers some of the best luxury London accommodation
Style, sophistication and luxury, Arlington House has it all

As far as luxury accommodation in London goes, you won’t find a much more opulent option than Arlington House. With fully equipped kitchen facilities, air conditioning, Sky TV and even some featuring a private balcony, the apartments here are not only glamorous; they are practical for short or long term stays, too.

Flemings Apartments

Flemings Apartments have a Ritz quality - luxurious and stylish
Interior design lovers rejoice, Flemings Apartments are gorgeously bold

The Flemings Apartments are bold with striking patterns and luxurious décor: if you’re looking for luxury accommodation in London that doesn’t require you to compromise on your love of interior design, look no further.

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