What Google Autocomplete Says About London

What Google Autocomplete Says About London

What Google Autocomplete Says About London

Do you know what we love the most about Google Autocomplete? Is it because it saves us time by finishing our sentences like our best friend? No! What we love is the secrets it reveals! As the search engine suggestions are based on what people have been searching for the most, a quick look into what people are asking about London has revealed some curious musings...

1. We have a secret fascination with serial killers

Where in London is Rillington Place – the top search happens to be the address of London serial killer John Christie, who murdered women and hid their bodies in parts of his house.

2. We love pandas

Does London zoo have pandas? There are over 750 species of animal at London Zoo. Pandas, however, are not currently one of them.

3. We are still trying to find ourselves

Where is London located – we can help with this one! Just click here Where is London – a guide for aliens and earthlings. What London Borough am I in Which London Borough am I In London zones London near me Does London have a county - third suggestion after the pandas!

4. Some suspicious activity seems to be going on

London Drugs - ranked high… then we realised the search was actually about a Canadian clothing store by the same name in Richmond, Canada. Phew! London's reputation remains unblemished.

5. We have some curious questions about London

Where London water comes from How London was built When London was built Does anyone live in London Bridge Does anyone live in the Tower of London - this strange search appeared alongside 'Does anyone live in..' the arctic, the south pole and the haunted Enfield House? Why London is the best – it just is, ok? It's the best city in the world. And here is why 10 Reasons why you will fall in love with London.

6. We want to entertain our children

London for Kids London with kids London with toddlers London with a baby London with teens

7. Sometimes Londoners despair…

Why London underground strike – you can feel the frustration in their voice here. London without social climbers How does anyone afford to live in London

8. And Brexit is a sore subject…

Can London stay in the EU

9. But then we regain faith

London quotes

10. We love Manchester and Oxford…

Which London station goes to Manchester What London station goes to Oxford

11. We also love Amsterdam, Paris and New York...

London to Amsterdam London to Paris on the train London to New York

12. But we are secretly competitive

London versus New York London versus Paris London versus Sydney

13. And we definitely love a freebie

London for free – there is definitely plenty to do for free in London. Read our 50 Free Things to do in London post to find out more! Are London Museums free Stay in London for free - sorry, we can't help with this one, but we can find you an amazing serviced apartment at really good value for money if you want us to :)

So there you have it, what people have been thinking about London. And you thought the search engines were only being helpful!

*All content accurate at the time of searching. However, other factors can influence Google Autocomplete.

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