Film locations London: The Big Smoke on the Big Screen

Film locations London: The Big Smoke on the Big Screen

Film locations London: The Big Smoke on the Big Screen

London is a city teeming with hidden gems, and we love nothing more than bringing these lesser-known locations to light for our customers to enjoy. As if there wasn’t enough to do in the city when enjoying your extravagant London serviced apartment, we have unearthed some of most iconic film locations London has to offer for you to visit during your stay. Featuring in scenes from the biggest box office blockbusters, to the most modestly understated Indie flicks, join us as we explore some of the most, and least, recognisable movie locations in London.

The Globe Tavern, Borough Market

globe tavern film locations London
The Globe Tavern has become an iconic location thanks to its appearance in Bridget Jones' Diary (Image: Smiley.toerist / CC BY-SA)

The idiosyncratic location for Bridget Jones’ apartment was carefully chosen to best symbolise her situation. Nestled between two overhead railway lines and sitting above a traditional London pub, Bridget, like her apartment, is stuck at a crossroads, neither here nor there. The Globe Tavern on Bedale Street was a natural choice, not least for its quintessentially ‘British’ appearance which communicates well to worldwide audiences. In reality, the pub near Borough Market is an unassuming venue that, unless you were to know it, you probably wouldn’t realise was one of the most famous Rom-com film locations London can claim as its own.

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South Bank

film locations london south bank
South Bank's iconic views make it a popular choice as a London film location

London’s South Bank clings to the Thames’ southern shore, affording magnificent views of some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Featuring world-famous tourist destinations such as The London Dungeon and the London Eye, South Bank’s recognisability makes it a popular film location. 2003’s Love Actually was, in many ways, a love letter to London, and as such features many prominent locations. One of the most memorable scenes involved Liam Neeson sitting with his onscreen step-son on a South Bank, river facing bench. The famous scene saw the two characters bond after a time of distance and grief, and perfectly captured the festive London atmosphere and wintry setting. South Bank is also known for being one of many Harry Potter filming locations London has up its sleeve. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, we see Harry flying above the London Eye and the South Bank – again using the area’s global profile to communicate to a worldwide audience.

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Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall market
With its cobbled streets and elaborate decor, Leadenhall Market is a spectacle that lends itself to film use

Continuing our theme of wizardry, Aldgate’s Leadenhall Market has a history of being used as a magical cinematic backdrop thanks to its eccentric and ornate Victorian design. This covered consumers’ paradise has the prestigious title of being one of the aforementioned Harry Potter filming locations in London. In the very first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the market played the part of Diagon Alley – one of the most famous locations in the wizarding world – aptly filled with quirky shops and awe-inspiring products. The transformation the market underwent for the film makes it one of the hardest to spot film locations London has to its name, but if you visit with this knowledge in mind you may just spot some of the areas used in the film – such as the optician’s building in Bull’s Head Passage which doubled as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron pub.

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London Mews

London Mews
The distinctive charm of London Mews properties make them popular filming spots

The attractive houses of London Mews are seemingly at odds with the towering, busy main streets of the capital. These quaint, quiet and cosy roads more resemble sleepy country lanes than city avenues, and that is their primary appeal. Besides making regular appearances in TV shows, these streets also appear in major blockbuster films. Most notably, the pink house on St Luke’s Mews (pictured) is famously featured in Love Actually as the marital home of Keira Knightley’s character – that’s right, where the notorious ‘cue cards’ scene takes place. A similar house plays the part of Harry Hart’s ( played by Colin Firth) house in Kingsman: The Secret Service – this time located on Stanhope Mews in South Kensington.

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When you’re ready to begin your tour of the best film locations London has to offer, read our other articles to find your perfect romantic apartment and discover how to live like a celebrity by visiting all of the hottest venues in the capital.

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