The Very Best Luxury London Staycation Ideas

The Very Best Luxury London Staycation Ideas

The Very Best Luxury London Staycation Ideas

With staycations being all the rage in 2020, many are considering which UK city to visit, whether with friends, family or a loved one. London’s plethora of sights and iconic locations has been enjoyed by many, but there is much more to see and do in this metropolis than first meets the eye. Now that we’re thankfully moving out of lockdown (although there is still plenty to do in London in lockdown), we can begin to once again to enjoy the more unusual pastimes the city offers. For a truly memorable stay in one of our luxury London serviced apartments, make sure you take full advantage of our top London staycation ideas.

Meals on Wheels

London staycation ideas bus meal
Mix up the wine and dine experience aboard a double-decker bus

When it comes to fine dining, London has some of the best venues in the world. From world leading vegan restaurants, to some of the best Asian restaurants to be found, London offers virtually every cuisine imaginable. But if you are eager to experience a truly memorable meal, whilst taking in the beautiful London scenery, then why not enjoy a fine dining meal…on a bus? One of the more unusual London staycation ideas, Bustronome London offers guests the chance to enjoy an extravagant meal aboard a stunning double-decker bus. With an upper deck that provides an incredible 360 panoramic view of the city as you eat (sheltered from the sometimes adverse weather conditions London is famous for), Bustronome London guarantees a unique dining experience unlike any other.

Gin Safari

gin london
What's better than a refreshing gin? One enjoyed after an adventurous safari of course!

Continuing the exploration theme, the London Gin Safari combines the British love of cycling with the very British love of gin! Dress up in your flat cap and endeavour on a bicycle tour of London’s gin history, with equal parts fascinating and funny narration provided by your guide. The samples of gin provided along the way provide plenty of refreshment, as well as the dash of motivation required to keep you pedalling all the way on your Pashley bicycle. Highly recommended for adventure lovers planning on the best staycation London can offer.

Trip on the Thames

London staycation ideas kayaking
Kayaking down the Thames is one way of seeing London that few ever experience

Regular readers of our blog will know that we at Central London Apartments love the Thames - so much so that we recently wrote a blog about some lesser known Thames facts. But beyond admiring the beauty of London’s river from the bank, how can one truly enjoy this mighty waterway? Kayaking London has the answer for those craving exciting London staycation ideas. Jump into your vessel and join an intrepid group of kayakers as you make you way along the Thames, paddling past iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and the London Eye. Whether you’re a proficient paddler or a total beginner, your expert guide will ensure you have a fantastic time. And for a truly magnificent trip, you can even explore the river at night and take in London’s illuminations from the river itself.

Floating Hot Tub

hot tub
A hot tub experience is perfect for a romantic staycation in London

Continuing the aquatic theme, one of our most luxurious London staycation ideas involves a hot tub in the Thames! Explore the river and canals of London in your very own hot tub boat with a group of friends or just yourself and partner. These self-drive, wood-fired hot tubs provide warmth and intimacy no matter the weather, and are perfect for enjoying a drink or two in complete comfort. With heated changing rooms and a full induction before setting sail, you can’t help but make memories to last a lifetime with this unforgettable London experience.

Vegan Food Tour

Vegan food camden london staycation ideas
Camden's Vegan Food Tour takes you to some of the coolest establishments in the city

London has a district for each mood, and Camden is famously trendy, modern and filled with lively character. As a youthful and trailblazing area of London, it’s no surprise that Camden is filled with bohemian cafes and restaurants; with many offering delicious vegan cuisine that is hard to find elsewhere. For vegetarians, vegans, or those simply open to trying unusual dishes, London’s Vegan Food Tour a must. As well as being taken to the finest vegan eateries Camden has to offer, you’ll learn all about the best vegan dishes, drinks and the local Camden scene.

Street Art Workshop

Street art London
London's street art is as diverse as the city itself

Explore another side of London with the Half-Day Street Art Tour and Workshop. This four hour exploration of East London will take you to some of the finest street art to be found in the city, including works from such notable street artists as Banksy, ROA, Invader, Shepherd Fairy, and Eine; you’ll learn all about street art culture, technique and appreciation. But perhaps the best part of this tour is the opportunity to create your own stencil and conjure some unique street art of your own using spray paints in the urban workshop. If you are looking for London staycation ideas that are inventive, creative and sure to leave a mark, then this one is for you!

Float Hub

float hub london staycation ideas
Flotation Pods enable you to indulge in complete relaxation

A perfect way to end your busy London staycation, Float Hub offers you the chance to completely unwind, relax, and find your inner peace. Located in the boutique filled district of Shoreditch, booking yourself an appointment at Float Hub after an afternoon shopping is the ideal antidote to London’s often overwhelming streets. ‘Float therapy’ involves being enclosed within a flotation tank of warm water – with all noise and light blocked out so that you can completely de-stress. Recommended as a way to truly disengage from day-to-day distractions, this thoroughly refreshing experience will send you back home from your staycation feeling fully rested and ready to face the world.

You’ve seen the fantastic opportunities; are you ready to begin your London staycation? We’ve got the finest apartments just for you. Explore our finest extravagant luxury serviced apartments in London, or if you’re planning a romantic break, take a look at our excellent apartments for couples and take your first step to planning your ideal London staycation.

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