5 of the Very Best Independent Shops in London

5 of the Very Best Independent Shops in London

5 of the Very Best Independent Shops in London

Shopping is good for the soul and London is a world-renowned haven for both designer boutiques and independent stores alike. Shopaholics rejoice! Bond Street, Oxford Street, Neal’s Yard: around every glorious corner of the capital, you’ll find something to satisfy your retail cravings. Although the feeling of traipsing the iconic London streets, hopping gleefully from one luxury fashion house to the next with shopping bags in one hand, a flute of champagne in the other is unmatched, independent boutiques are the new wave of quirky, urban shopping. A beacon of sustainability and diversity, the unique experience and products on offer in these exclusive London spots might just become your new favourite way to shop. So, without further ado, grab your shopping list and take note of our handpicked recommendations for the best independent shops in London.


Location: Basement 18, Late Night Chameleon Cafe, The, 24 Shacklewell Ln, E8 2EZ

Dubbing themselves a ‘progressive retail concept’, LN-CC is excitingly unusual. If you’re willing to make the slight journey north, the store that awaits you is more than worth it. Resembling a spaceship of sorts, the glowing futuristic, octagonal design is unlike anything else you’ll find in the city and, aside from your usual favourite labels such as Prada or Saint Laurent, it houses some rare, independent brands, too. The directory of brands on offer is exhaustive giving you plenty to rummage through of an afternoon’s adventure and the unique pieces will fit perfectly into any wardrobe. Whether you have perfected your own unique style and desire some more standout garments, or if you simply want to invest in some more ‘out-there’ pieces to pair with your classic aesthetic, LN-CC is one of the best independent shops in London for you.  

Luxurious entrance to these London serviced apartments
This grand entryway and staircase will make guests feel like royalty

Nearby luxury accommodation: Town Hall Apartments are a short car or overground journey away from LN-CC and are the perfect spot for a break in between independent stores. Indulge in a spot of lunch at the on-site restaurant to refuel before you shop and relax in the swimming pool to unwind after you drop.

Pentreath & Hall

Location: 17 Rugby St, Holborn, WC1N 3QT

A treasure trove of all things new and old, Pentreath & Hall is packed with character and charm. You name it, they’ve got it: whether you’re in the market for china tableware, stationary, soft furnishings, or antiques, look no further than this independent hideaway. Eclectic interior design has a certain je ne sais quoi that gives your home a distinctive character and of the best independent shops in London, there’s no place better suited to begin your collection than at Pentreath & Hall. Upon stumbling across this gorgeous Georgian house in one of London’s loveliest hidden nooks, you’ll feel as if you’re entering into someone’s beautifully cluttered living room. Shelves tastefully stocked with items that feel traditional without feeling dated and worn without feeling tired, you can tell owners Ben and Bridie have a keen eye for classically contemporary décor.

Bright and modern, these London apartments are a short walk from the best independent shops in London
Tranquil and sophisticated: what more could you want from luxury serviced accommodation in London?

Nearby luxury accommodation: Situated a nice stroll away through a couple of London’s most luxurious boroughs, The Residence at Marylebone Lane are a modern, tranquil escape. With one, two and three bedroom apartments available, these are ideal for any kind of trip.

Array Store

Location: 88 Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington, N16 0AP

This is another London independent store tucked away outside the city centre, so if you want to explore the leafy outskirts of our concrete jungle, take a pit-stop at this calming retail escape. Carefully considered and refined, Array Store is the epitome of modern male style. Take one look on their website or social media accounts and their aesthetic instantly reveals itself: natural tones, minimalist style and soft textures. Their collection features carefully chosen garments assorted with a small edit of gifts and homeware for an all-round aesthetically delightful experience. Unlike LN-CC, Array Store is all about simplicity: they curate their collection of brands based on ‘versatility, quality and integrity’ opposed to designer label and aim to provide a capsule collection of staple, high quality pieces for your basic wardrobe.

Libreria Bookshop

Location: 65 Hanbury St, Spitalfields, E1 5JP

Libreria is an old-age, classic bookshop with a twist: drawing upon a traditional love of books before the likes of wholesaler corporations took the magic out of reading. Gone are the days of alphabetised systems, shelves at Libreria are piled high with both old classics and unusual new titles categorised by feelings, emotional states and places. Sift through inspiring ‘wanderlust’ works that make you want to explore the world, then move onto ‘the city’ to make you fall in love with our cosmopolitan metropolis all over again. The mirrored ceiling makes you feel as if you’ve entered into a fairy-tale land where the village bookkeeper glides along his sky-high shelves on a ladder and has to blow away 100 years-worth of dust from his personal recommendations. This truly is a magical place where you could happily lose an entire day.

Serviced accommodation nearby the best independent shops in London
Royal green against a chic neutral colour scheme creates a luxurious escape

Nearby luxury accommodation: Just a short jaunt away from Libreria are The Lofts E1 by Q Apartments that offer the rare luxury of space in the city. Bright, stylish and spacious, the opulent décor of these London serviced apartments is a welcome retreat after a tiring day shopping.

The Luminor Sign Co.

Location: 47 Roman Rd, Bethnal Green, E2 0HU

The glossy, black façade of The Luminor Sign Co. looks just like the shopfronts of a city gone by and epitomises the best independent shops in London. Digital design is brilliant but seems to have sadly replaced the traditional ‘Golden Era’ design of illustrators and lettering artists that made type what we know it today. The Luminor Sign Co. aims to revive the tradition of quality signage by modernising it in keeping with evolving trends and popular culture. Working with the likes of Nike, Microsoft and Philips, it’s clear that although Luminor’s sign and letter work specialises in tradition and classic style, it’s far from limited to its advent. Whether you’ve just bought a new boat and want to rename it, want to revamp your front door, or are expanding your business and want to make a good first impression, Luminor is one of the best independent shops in London to put your ideas into motion.

Now that your shopping list is as long as your arm, allow us to provide the most extravagant serviced apartments for your shopping trip to the city. Relax and let us do the work for you: all you need to worry about is which independent London shop to visit first.

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