The 5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Richmond for a Fabulous Feast

The 5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Richmond for a Fabulous Feast

The 5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Richmond for a Fabulous Feast

Due to growing concerns about the condition of our climate and the world that we live in, many have decided to undertake a vegan, plant-based diet. This dramatic rise can be seen with many restaurants incorporating additional vegetarian and vegan options to their menus.

The awareness of environmental concerns has also allowed for a new rather niche and unique gap in the market to appear. This gap has been filled with some enterprising independent restaurants. One area, in which such vegan restaurants have excelled, is Richmond, London. Whether a stone's throw away from Richmond Park or situated directly next to some of our luxury serviced apartments, here, we will be going through the most delicious vegan restaurants in Richmond.

The Retreat Kitchen

A dedicated independent vegan restaurant, The Retreat Kitchen has a fascinating story. Its two owners were part of a BBC TV documentary called ‘The Retreat’ where they embarked on a month-long detox in Thailand. Having eaten an exclusively plant-based diet, the two of them felt completely revitalised. They decided to transfer their reformed lifestyle into a kitchen style restaurant.

Previously mentioned in our "Vegans Guide to London", The Retreat Kitchen consists of a diverse breakfast, brunch and lunch menu, blending high-quality dishes with a real sense of passion. Serving up plates such as chickpea omelettes, tofu breakfast wraps and Portobello mushroom, spinach and cheese melts, The Retreat Kitchen is ideal for the vegan trawling the streets of London trying to find a place to eat. With the enthusiasm and knowledge of the owners filtering down to the staff, along with acquiring fully organic suppliers, this is one of the most complete vegan restaurants in London, let alone Richmond.

Oliveira Organic Vegetarian Kitchen

A fully organic and vegetarian restaurant, Oliveira Organic Vegetarian Kitchen has a host of vegan options that are sure to satisfy anyone’s needs. The way in which this restaurant differentiates themselves from other restaurants is by sourcing fully organic produce. This means the ingredients have not been affected by fertilising and pesticide products, which can affect the ecosystems they are spread over. Not only is it extremely healthy, but Oliveira Organic Vegetarian Kitchen’s food is extremely scrumptious.

Oliveira Organic Vegetarian Kitchen, one of the most delicious vegan restaurants in Richmond.

A couple of handpicked dishes from their menu are the roasted jackfruit in spicy mango sauce, served with a trio of rice, as well as caramelised breadfruit in a faux gras stout sauce. These meals are made even more pleasant by the surroundings they are served in. A simple fresh and wooden approach, the interior is a real breath of fresh air and suits its organic approach fantastically.

Tide Tables Café

Branded as a café and not a restaurant, the variety of dishes that Tide Tables serves up is truly remarkable. Combining a mixture of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menus, Tide Tables also provides an extensive salad bar. Situated right next to the River Thames and under the Richmond Bridge, the café has a wonderful outside terrace in which you can bask in an early morning sunrise or evening sunset.

Its vegan options include a falafel plate, homemade chickpea curry and a lemon and poppy seed cake. Being a café, Tide Tables is unique in its own right, but with its fine location and suited menu, it certainly deserves its place as one of the best vegan restaurants in Richmond.

Q Verde

With a selection of Italian plates for all diets, Q Verde caters to all tastes. Whether it's bruschetta topped with garlic, olive oil and basil, or a gorgeous risotto with mushrooms and spinach you are seeking, this restaurant is a sublime option for a family or group meal out where there is a variety of tastes. It’s clear to see that Q Verde pride themselves on the presentation of their food. If you’re keen on taking a few snaps for your Instagram feed, the food on the show is picture-perfect.

Q Verde, one of the most delicious vegan restaurants in Richmond.

A family-run business, the character and enthusiasm shown throughout from first entering, to finishing your last bite, the restaurant is extremely heart-warming. Lacking the multitude of vegan options that the previous restaurants possess, its overall atmosphere warrants it a place as one of the best vegan restaurants in Richmond.

R & H Café Gallery

Similarly to Tide Tables, R & H Café Gallery specialises in breakfast and lunch menus. However, within their menu, they have some cracking vegan options on offer. Fried spinach, onion, walnut, garlic partnered with a slice of bread and fruit is a lovely way to start the morning. Do you prefer a more substantial lunch option? Then the roasted butternut squash, pomegranate molasses & walnut sauce with a slice of bread and flavoured yoghurt is another superb option.

With a Persian twist running through the café, it also consists of a small art gallery which adds to its eccentric aura. Just uphill from the River Thames, this café is a perfect option for a bit of late lunch, having either had a morning walk around Richmond Park or a visit to the idyllic Kew Gardens. Differentiating itself from the rest of the pack through its Persian specific art gallery, this is certainly one of the more intriguing cafés in London. 

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