26 Facts You May Not Know About Queen Elizabeth II

26 Facts You May Not Know About Queen Elizabeth II

26 Facts You May Not Know About Queen Elizabeth II

With the eyes of the world firmly trained on her every move, there is much already known about Her Majesty The Queen. However, for someone so iconic and widely recognised, there is still a sense of mystery and curiosity that surrounds The Queen and other members of the Royal Family. So, we’ve gone ahead and compiled 26 Facts You May Not Know About Queen Elizabeth II!

1) Princess Elizabeth, and her sister Princess Margaret, acted out and performed a number of pantomimes during the Second World War.

2) Madame Tussauds has displayed 23 different life-size wax models of Her Majesty.

3) The Queen’s Imperial State Crown is made up of 2,868 diamonds.

4) The Queen does not own a driving licence.

5) In the Maori language, the Queen is known by the term ‘Kotuku’, which roughly translates to ‘the white heron’ in English.

6) It is widely believed that The Queen purposely wears bright colours so she can be easily spotted in a crowd.

7) The Queen was the first British Monarch to travel to the Middle East.

8) Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip became secretly engaged in 1946. Their engagement didn’t become public knowledge until the following year when she turned 21.

9) The Queen is allegedly a fan of the BBC show Pointless.

10) Her Majesty’s favourite cake is a honey and cream sponge.

11) “Lilibet” and “cabbage” are two of The Queen’s family nicknames.

12) Queen Elizabeth reportedly fell in love with Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark when she was 13.

13) The Queen was the first British Monarch to visit China.

14) Elizabeth and Margaret once partied incognito in the streets of London in celebration of the end of World War II on May 8th

15) The Queen was born on 21 April 1926, but her official birthday is celebrated in June.

16) She has reigned for so long, four out of five UK residents weren't alive when she ascended the throne.

17) She's been portrayed as a character in roughly 100 TV shows and movies.

18) On a state visit to Brazil in 1968, the Queen was gifted with two sloths.

19) Each morning, the Queen's breakfast table is laid out with cornflakes, porridge oats, yoghurt and two kinds of marmalade.

20) A royal footman who poured whisky into the corgis' water as a party trick was rewarded with a salary cut.

21) Prince William once said that the Queen finds Ali G impressions humorous.

22) In May 2011, the Queen became the first British monarch to visit the Republic of Ireland since Irish independence.

23) The Queen served in World War II as a truck driver and mechanic. She was aged only 18.

24) Queen Elizabeth is the only female royal family member to have entered the armed forces.

25) The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, are third cousins. They have the same great-great-grandparents.

26) The Queen has nine royal thrones, one at the House of Lords, two at Westminster Abbey and six in the throne room at Buckingham Palace.







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