20 Best Royal Family Moments of the Last 50 Years

20 Best Royal Family Moments of the Last 50 Years

20 Best Royal Family Moments of the Last 50 Years

The subject of fascination around the globe, and drawing millions of visitors to our shores each year, there is no doubt the British Royal Family has a magnetic pull. Their tireless dedication to their duties and charitable work is famous, as are the scandals, and funny moments. British society simply wouldn't be the same without the Windsors. While they've had their ups and downs over the years, many would argue that they are as popular now as they ever have been, and the younger generation are bringing glamour and fashion back to the royal family. We take a look at our favourite royal family moments of the last 50 years - have we got your favourite on the list?

20. Kate Middleton & The Catwalk that Bagged a Prince - 2002

We all know the love story, he saw her catwalking for a charity event at university and he had to meet her. Although that is not quite how it happened, we still like the idea that the dress might have sealed the deal.

19. Prince William’s Interview for BBC’s Helicopter Rescue - 2013

The British Royal Family has a long tradition of serving in the Armed Forces. The Queen herself served during World War II. Prince William, after being trained by the RAF (Royal Air Force) became a Search & Rescue helicopter pilot and in 2013 he featured in the BBC documentary Helicopter Rescue. Although the Prince no longer works with the RAF Rescue team, he’s currently a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. And yes, he actually responds to calls like any other rescue ambulance.

18. Prince Harry Runs to His Helicopter in Afghanistan - 2013

Yes, you read that right. The British Royals don’t just enlist in the army for photo-ops, they actually serve too. While serving in Afghanistan, Prince Harry has to interrupt his interview to tend to his duty as an army pilot.

17. Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Interview – 2018

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of her coronation, Queen Elizabeth II sat down with BBC documentary maker Alastair Bruce for her first ever TV interview at the age of 91, when she says the crown is heavy and the royal carriage is not very comfortable. You tell them Ma'am.

16. The Reaction to Diana’s Death – 1997

While Lady Diana’s death is not our favourite moment in any shape or form, the way the public, celebrities and the Royal Family came together to mourn her death and celebrate her life in 1997, and the way people still pay tribute to her today is incredibly inspiring, just like the woman herself.

15. Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations - 2016

The longest serving monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday in style with a week of fabulous parties and a military display of 900 horses. We wouldn’t expect anything else from any self-respecting lady that hits the grand mark of 90, let alone our Queen!

14. Prince William & Kate get engaged – 2010

After eight years of dating and much speculation, Prince William finally popped the question to university friend and long term girlfriend Kate Middleton during a visit to Kenya in 2010. The engagement generated massive excitement and a worldwide media frenzy, with Prince William quoting “we are like sort of ducks, we are very calm in the surface, but underneath the water the little feet are going”.

13. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle get engaged - 2017

After months of hush-hush romance and one official appearance as a couple, Kensington Palace and Clarence House announced the engagement of Prince Harry to actress Meghan Markle. Their romance had previously sparked comments over the fact Meghan is not British and of African-American descent, but we think they make a beautiful couple, even though Meghan dashed our dreams of sweeping the Prince of his feet.

12. Prince William & Kate’s Wedding - 2011

A wedding is always a big day, but it doesn’t get much bigger than a Royal Wedding, in every sense of the word, from the dress to the location and the guest list. And who doesn’t love a good party?

11. The Birth of Prince George - 2013

We all watched anxiously to see the little chubby cheeks of a future monarch. And with so many parallels drawn in between the birth of Prince George and the birth of Prince William himself, we hand it over to Kate for coming out of child birth looking so glamorous.

10. Buckingham Palace is lit up for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee - 2012

We love a good party and how could the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee not get a mention when Buckingham Palace was lit up to the sound of Our House by British band Madness? There was definitely something ironic about seing the façade of Buckingham Palace looking like a roll of terraced houses.

9. Charles & Diana’s Wedding – 1981

Watched the world over to this day, the iconic wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer was widely called “the wedding of the century” and a “fairytale wedding”. While this fairytale didn’t have a happy ending, their wedding is still one of our favourite moments.

8. Diana’s interview – 1995

Speaking to journalist Martin Bashir, Princess Diana gave BBC a very intimate interview where she revealed her mental health issues and her view of her marriage and the Royal Family. Her interview triggered Charles to officially file for divorce. To this day, this one of the most watched BBC Panorama interviews.

7. Princess Diana’s Black Dress – 1995

In the middle of a bitter media battle with his then estranged wife Princess Diana, Prince Charles goes public in an interview where he admits to cheating on his wife and gives his version of events as to why their marriage is failing. The night the TV interview aired, Lady Diana, despite having withdrawn from public engagement, appears in public wearing a figure hugging black dress and looking stunning. Now, that is a way to make and elegant statement.

6. Prince William Starting School

Prince Harry and William were the second generation of Royals to attend a public school. Prince William himself is one of the first monarchs to complete an university degree. Up to Queen Elizabeth’s generation all senior members of the royal family were home-schooled and none had a university degree, so it’s rather refreshing to see the Royals going to school like the rest of us mere mortals.

5. Princess Diana Comforting Her Sons

When it came to her sons, Princess Diana was a hands-on mum. Famous for being somewhat unconventional and down-to-earth, she sweetly comforted her baby boys by giving them her little finger as a comforter when they were infants. One of the many things that made her The People’s Princess.

4. Prince George’s First Day at School - 2017

We all know how scary your first day at a new school can be. Now imagine having cameras and flash lights all pointing at you as you approach the door. Our heart went out to young Prince George when he looked petrified in his first day at school. It’s not all fun and games being a royal.

3. Prince Harry has his Popcorn Stolen by a 2 year Old - 2017

During his appearance at the Invictus Games in Toronto, Prince Harry gets carried away talking while a little 2 year-old girl helps herself to his popcorn. While that might not be hugely interesting, his reaction to catching her is funny and heart-warming. That Meghan lady dashed all our dream Prince Harry…

2. Prince Harry Remembers Veteran’s Wife – 2017

During his Royal Tour to Sydney Prince Harry recognises 97 year-old Daphne Dunne, the widow of a war veteran he had met two years previously. There was no shyness from the Prince’s part and he seemed genuinely happy to see a familiar face.

1. Queen Jumping out of a Helicopter for the London Olympics – 2012

During the 2012 Olympics the Queen teams up with 007 secret agent James Bond and jumps out of a helicopter. What?? That wasn’t her??? Stop lying to us! We know our Queen is a badass.

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