12 Romantic things to do in London

12 Romantic things to do in London

12 Romantic things to do in London

London isn’t often the capital that springs to mind when looking for a romantic break. Most will think Rome or Paris, but London can be just as alluring as a weekend abroad. We’ve compiled a list of 12 romantic things to do in London, with some of our favourite places and spaces about the capital.


  1. Rooftop Film Club

If you are looking for beautiful sunsets, whilst watching your favourite film and drinking your favourite drink, then look no further. Rooftop Film Club provides magical views where you can get lost in a world of your own. With stunning views, classic and cult films, these events are sure to wow a variety of people. Worried about getting cold outdoors? This is a perfect opportunity to be romantic and bring a blanket, wrap your arms around each other and wind down before heading out into the starry night.

  1. Edible Cinema

Yes, you read it right. The Edible Cinema is a spectacular way to impress your partner or date. If you think that dates can’t be original, think again. This cinema provides mystery little boxes of food for your enjoyment at specific parts of the film. When the moment arises a light will tell you which box to open and taste along with the particular scene you are watching. A perfect evening to laugh and create lasting memories together.

  1. Secret Cinema

The first rule of Secret Cinema club is don’t talk about Secret Cinema club. Well, lucky we are typing this then.  After signing up to a secret mailing list you'll enter a world of immersive cinema, where secret venues are scattered across different cities including London and the experience is created on all different levels, from interactive screenings and seating arrangements to compliment the movies. All films are held in different abandoned places each time! This is a fantastic way to surprise your date and submerge yourself in creative entertainment but remember shh... it’s secret.

  1. Electric Cinema

Looking for something a bit more straightforward? Then curl up on one of the Electric Cinema’s double beds, sofas or armchairs and watch a must-see film recently released. Order your favourite snacks and drinks from the bar and indulge while cuddling up in the comfort of this fabulously retro cinema. This is the original romantic date, ideal for getting around those awkward silences, with the ease of talking about the film after.

Restaurants and Bars

  1. Gordon’s Wine Bar

It may be one of the oldest wine bars in London, but Gordon’s Wine Bar does not disappoint in terms of style and romance. With candlelit tables, a terrace for those sunny and warm nights and a rustic feel, this place is one of our top musts. Not only are you welcomed by superb romantic settings with a glass of your favourite wine but why not treat yourselves to a cheese board or a selection of tapas to compliment your evening.

  1. The Candlelight Club

If your expectations of a romantic date are beyond that of a cinema or usual bar then why not plan for the date of a lifetime at The Candlelight Club. This speakeasy is so secret that the venue won’t even be revealed until a few days before the event. With a strict 1920's dressing up dress code policy, this night is guaranteed to blow your date away with a jazz experience they will never forget, along with cocktails and live jazz bands.

  1. Clos Maggiore

This stunning restaurant has been voted the world’s most romantic restaurant, and it’s not hard to see why. Clos Maggiore's beautiful interior with flowers overhanging across the ceiling, fireplaces and stunning surroundings is one way to woo the person of your dreams. Along with an extensive range of gourmet food, you can feel certain that anyone you bring here will be seriously impressed for the rest of the night.

Wine at a bar

  1. Sager and Wilde

Searching for something a little less fancy and more relaxing for that perfect romantic night? Look no further than Sager and Wilde. With great food, drinks and atmosphere, this bar and restaurant is somewhere to sit down and talk with each other. Here you can relax and the wind down from the day’s events.

Romantic visits

  1. Primrose Hill

Enjoy a romantic stroll up this grassy embankment and view some spectacular scenes across the skyline of London from Primrose Hill. Fall deeply for each other at night with a romantic stroll, with the lights of London lighting up the dark. Or why not grab a picnic blanket during the day and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After reading up on the lively history of the hill and how prophecies have been made about its summit, why not cross the road into Regent’s Park and the ZSL London Zoo to finish off the perfect date with your loved one.

  1. Royal Observatory Greenwich

Can’t wait until it goes dark to treat your partner to the romantic glitter of the stars? Then why not check out the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Stand on the famous Meridian Line where the East meets the West and look out over the stunning views from the Meridian Courtyard. To finish it off why not take a trip into space by exploring one of the Planetarium shows and journey to the galaxies far beyond and explore the solar systems. This date spot is out of this world and is sure to wow your partner, a date in space, what can beat that?

  1. Take a luxury boat tour

Escape the busy city for a while and get off your feet on one of these Thames Dinner Cruises.  Enjoy the iconic sights of the city whilst treating yourself and your partner to a three-course meal and a bottle of your favourite champagne. Let the incredible sights of London unravel around you from this unique perspective as you cuddle up at the front of the boat. Don’t fancy the three-course meal? There are plenty of packages and trips to take along the Thames and plenty of sights to see as you glide along the river.

  1. Tate Modern

Fancy an arty date with a bit of a modern twist? Try the Tate Modern. With exciting new installations in the Hyundai Hall, this part of the gallery is not to be missed by anyone. The artwork will certainly amaze and astound as you are submerged in a world of contemporary art. Not only will you learn about artists and how they are shaping the art scene, but you will gain lasting memories and enjoy each other’s company in this incredible gallery.

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