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Battersea Guide

South of the River Thames, the distinctive district of Battersea can be found. Home to some fascinating history and defining landmarks, Battersea also consists of some of our finest luxury serviced apartments. Embarking on a culture-filled trip to the capital? Or maybe you’d rather have a view of the Thames from your room?  

Our serviced apartments in Battersea are sure to fulfil all of your travelling needs. Their chic and sleek appearance, partnered with ease of access to anywhere in London, makes these apartments in Battersea some of the most sought after in London. 

Why choose our luxury serviced apartments in Battersea?

The most highly recommended provider of luxury serviced apartments in Battersea, at Central London Apartments we ensure that our customers’ visits to London are as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We make sure that this claim is achieved with our personalised approach of dealing with enquiries - which is second to none.

Having successfully accommodated thousands of customers in London, it is safe to say that we are the experts in 5 star serviced apartments in central London. With our ever-growing portfolio of London apartments, we have a huge amount of variation within our serviced apartments. Battersea is a great area of London to not only explore, but also as a means of accessing other areas of the city.

What is a luxury serviced apartment?

Luxury serviced apartment partners the ease of living at home with the excitement of staying in completely new surroundings. Providing fully furnished living, bedroom and kitchen areas, serviced apartments can cater to all your travel accommodation needs. Having all these amenities at your disposal allows you to relax and not feel the ‘cabin fever’ typical with hotel rooms. 

Are you a traveller who prefers to free-roam around a city free from restrictions? Staying in a serviced apartment in Battersea allows you to form your own schedule and be wherever you want to be, whenever suits you. This means that if you are planning on having a lie-in after a late night in the city, then you can simply roll out of bed and enjoy a midday brunch.

One thing that a large proportion of our apartments have is either an onsite pool, spa or fitness centre. Used to exercising most days at home? This can be the most convenient option to keep up your daily routine and home comforts. 

With different shapes and sizes of apartments available, our luxury serviced apartments in Battersea are able to house a small or large number of guests, reducing the amount of hassle to try and find rooms that are near each other.

What are the benefits of a luxury serviced apartment in Battersea?

The main benefit of residing in a serviced apartment in Battersea is that you have access to the River Thames. Whether you’re enjoying the sight from one of our walk on balconies or a local riverside restaurant, it can produce some truly spectacular sunset views in the later hours of the day and is a brilliant phenomenon witness.  

If you’d like to enjoy your stay with no interruptions, then this is always a guarantee with our 5 stars serviced apartments in central London. Privacy is such an important aspect of any holiday trip. Whether that is through organising when and how often you would want the housekeeping to occur, or eating in your own space, our accommodation in Battersea can provide this benefit.

However, if you enjoy some of the aspects of staying at a hotel, then these can also be enjoyed at some of our best serviced apartments in London. As previously mentioned, facilities such as fitness centres, 24-hour concierge and daily housekeeping are all features of many of our luxury serviced apartments.

A frequent disadvantage of staying at a hotel is that there is normally minimal room to relax when you get back from a long day travelling. One thing that many of our apartments in Battersea feature is that they have suitably sized living and kitchen areas, meaning that if you can unwind after a long and busy day in the comfort of your own space.

All of our apartments in central London provide great access to transport routes. This means that when choosing which apartments we want to display on our website, we always have the tourist in mind.

Guide to Battersea


With overground stations such as Clapham Junction, Battersea Park and LSWR Queen’s Road all surrounding Battersea, it makes both central and south London easily accessible by train.  If you are looking to get a tube however, Clapham Common and Stockwell are around a 20-minute walk away. The 24-hour bus service is another great way of travelling around the city, whether that’s in the day or late at night. It is understandable that you may want to grab a black cab to cross over either Chelsea Bridge or Albert Bridge and enjoy the London sights.


One feature Battersea has an abundance of is landmarks. Along the riverside, you will come across Battersea Park. Attractions such as Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, Millennium Arena, The Bandstand and the Boating Lake provide a huge amount of things to do in the park alone. Further down the river is the mass regeneration project of Battersea Power Station. An impressive piece of architecture, the power station towers over the Thames and is in line for the redevelopment of residential suites and offices. Battersea is also renowned for its cats and dogs home, where you can either rehome or adopt an animal.


If you are looking for a cocktail filled the night with some dancing afterwards, then Sugar Cane Bar is a brilliant option. The Clapham Grand can be found on the way to Clapham Common and is ideal for live music and often hosts some big-name music bands and performers. If you would rather stay in the heart of Battersea, the Lost Society describes itself as an “eccentric pub with phone box & trombones”.

Food & Drink

On the cusp of the river, contemporary Italian restaurants such as Fiume can be found, as well as seafood restaurants like Wright Brothers Battersea. Towards the western side of Battersea, you can find high-end restaurants like London House, which is in fact owned by Gordon Ramsey. Looking for just a drink? The Lighthouse and Prince Albert are pubs that have a great atmosphere.